Are you planning on visiting Slovenia for a couple of days and want to unplug from
your life’s responsibilities, concerns and never ending stress? Or maybe you just want
to enjoy a relaxing, romantic day with your partner. Say no more, we have you
covered with a trip to Rogaška Slatina, which is a fountain of health and a go to place
for Europe’s elite since 19th century, located in Eastern Slovenia.

We would suggest you to take a longer trip, towards Dolenjska region, down the A2 motorway, with about an hour worth of drive to the town Brežice. A quick drive through the small city where you can stop at in an idyllic place for a morning coffee. Then you continue your way through picturesque Bizeljsko vineyard region. Here you’ll find a couple of well-known vine cellars for the ones who enjoy good, quality wine, and some of the best stretches of tarmac in Slovenia for those who don’t. If you want to truly enjoy and test the car you rent, this is its proving ground. Long sweeping corners, smooth tarmac and a beautiful scenery is something to consider if you are in search of driving pleasure. You’ll be having so much fun that you’ll not even notice a time passing by and before you know it, you’ll arrive to your final destination. Rogaška Slatina is well known by its wellness tourism, healing water and beautiful nature. Even Austro Hungarian elite in 19th century recognized it as something special, which is most reflected in its architecture and wellness tourism. Grand Hotel Rogaška and its park in the front of the hotel are really worth checking out. There are a number of hotels to choose from, if you decide to, from affordable three-star hotels to the most luxurious five-star hotel Alexander on the top of the small hill, dominating its surroundings.

the day you will never forget

Even if you got here just for one day, you’ll not be disappointed either. We highly recommend you visit the most luxurious private spa session with your partner as soon as possible. Take your time and embark on your journey of relaxation and enjoyment for the afternoon.
Or maybe that’s just not you, because you’re more of an active kind of person and you want to be exploring new environment or you just burn energy that you have – they got you covered too. You can go cycling, horseback riding or just hiking on the hills nearby.
After all of this you’ll be exhausted, so a good supper could really come in handy. We would suggest a short drive to bigger town nearby called Celje to visit one of the
best steakhouses in the country called Stari Pisker. You’d better make your reservations at least couple of hours, or even days beforehand, as it tends to be quite occupied which speaks for itself. As it’s located in the old city center, you could also go for a short evening walk afterwards or even visit a wellknown castle on the nearby hill if you’re in romantic mood. What is a better way to end such unforgettable day in beautiful Slovenia? My lucky guess is – you want more!