Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia and it’s definitely, worth of visit.
Accompanied by hills, vineyards and rich history it represents the perfect one-day trip,
or weekend getaway in all seasons. Even in winter? Yep, it has one of the biggest ski
resorts in Slovenia almost in the city itself, however there is a lot to do every season of
the year, especially if you are more of an active kind of a person.

The most beautiful 4 days of your life will begin in hotel Maribor with dinner in a wonderful restaurant in the center of the city. Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and definitely worth a visit at night.


We will continue by driving through “The hearth of vineyards” on a beautiful road.

Even if you’re not an adrenaline junky at all, you can still go and explore the beautiful nature of Pohorje and its wildlife on your feet or on the back of a horse, riding through vast forests, accompanied by surreal scenery. One day is not even enough for it all so choose wisely or book a hotel nearby and enjoy the weekend.

If you happen to like spirited driving itself and you think that adrenaline activities on the top just won’t cut it, ditch the ski lift and drive up there yourself. Enjoy in the act of driving on one of the best roads in this region with its smooth, black tarmac and a nice set of corners to keep you interested. A quick tip: It starts in the small village of Spodnje Hoče and ends at the very top of the hill. Exactly where the ski lift takes you, so why bother with it if you can have a blast going up there. Maybe the shock of the beautiful view from the top will be even greater this way.


We will make a longer trip on our second day, towards Dolenjska region, but first visit a beautiful Rogla “Forest walk”. Afterwards we are going to hit some nice corners and end up at the Debeluh restaurant – one of the best in Slovenia. Having our bellies full, a quick drive through the small city where you can stop at in an idyllic place for some pictures. Then we will continue our way through picturesque Bizeljsko vineyard region. If you want to truly enjoy and test the car you rent, this is its proving ground. Long sweeping corners, smooth tarmac and a beautiful scenery is something to consider if you are in search of driving pleasure.


that you’ll not even notice a time passing by and before you know it, you’ll arrive to your final destination. Rogaška Slatina is well known by its wellness tourism, healing water and beautiful nature. Even Austro Hungarian elite in 19th century recognized it as something special, which is most reflected in its architecture and wellness tourism. There are a number of hotels to choose from, but we decided to stay at the most luxurious five-star hotel Alexander on the top of the small hill, dominating its surroundings. They will be waiting for us with some sparkling wine and finger food. At night a nice dinner will be served, continued by cocktail party or SPA.

It`s time to

get away

Regardless of the activity you choose, we suggest you to saving some time in the afternoon for a walk through city center or through its well-known park, although don’t get to tired, because the best is yet to come – we are hitting a Lent festival!


Well we suppose that you are starving by this point so it is our mission to guide you towards the best experience you can possibly have. At the Hotel Maribor, they will prepare a special menu only for us. Exquisite food from the hands of skilled chefs and a complimentary glass of huge wine selection, just has to feel right at the end of such an amazing day. If you’re staying for the night, we would suggest visiting the Lent festival. Either way you’ll not be disappointed and probably positively exhausted from the whole day of activity. Now all you have left to do is to slip into the comfy bed of Hotel Maribor and go to sleep so you can recharge for tomorrow. Let’s face it, you aren’t going anywhere.


When arriving at Raceland Krško a warm welcome will come from Renault Alpina on the track or a drift taxi ride. Good food, together with good people and smell of petrol and tyres from the track will be a nice combination to spend an afternoon at Raceland. 30 horsepower might not seem like much, but when you strap it to lightweight go-kart and give it space to breathe properly, it becomes a weapon which can, at least on this track, destroy even the almighty Porsche 911 GT3. If you think speed and acceleration is brutal, think about more than 2G-s lateral you’ll be pulling through turns 1 and 2 on racing slicks. It’s so extreme that after 10 minutes, your whole body will be begging for you to stop. But no, that’s not you! You have to go for another round just because this time, the instructor explained it to you, how to get an extra second or two off your lap time, by following his advice through two combinations of technical turns.



A fine way to end a day full of adrenaline rush, great scenery and exquisite domestic food in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We are ending the best weekend of your life by driving to Celje and saying goodbye until next event.

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